Pickup Service in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In most cases Santo Domingo Shipping picks your property for free in the Netherlands. Our warehouse is located in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is also our starting point for calculating the costs of collecting goods. Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam we get goods for free. For all cities around the major cities are the same principles as we get the goods for free. For distant cities such as Groningen and Maastricht, we charge € 15, - fee.

Pickup in Belgium

In Belgium we are happy to get your goods. We charge a small gasoline fee Belgian cities. Below you will find the target prices. For other cities, please consult us in advance. Do you live in town not far from the big cities then the prices listed below.

Antwerp € 15, -
Brussels € 20, -
Ghent € 20, -
Liege € 25, -
Charleroi € 25, -
Ostend € 25, -

Pickup in Germany

Santo Domingo Shipping can get you're goods in Germany. Below you will see target prices for German cities. If you're location is close to one of the following cities than we charge the price of the nearest town. For other cities please consult with us beforehand.

Oberhausen € 20, -
Cologne € 25, -
Düsseldorf € 25, -
Dortmund € 25, -
Essen € 25, -
Frankfurt € 35, -
Hamburg € 50, -
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