Welcome to Santo Domingo Shipping

Santo Domingo Shipping results from irritation of the existing companies that ship goods to the Dominican Republic. In early 2006 we wanted to send a package to the Dominican Republic and soon sent showed that prices were too high and that the companies were very unreliable. So it took months before a package was delivered, if at all came.

Mid 2006 we decided to put our own Shipping company to the Domincan Republic. Our objectives are as follows: To be ss cheap as possible, reliable and to fast deliver packages to our customers. We treat your property with respect and be careful with your goods. Service is our top priority.

Santo Domingo Shipping offers only shipments to the Dominican Republic. Therefore we are also specialists in shipments to the Dominican Republic. You can contact us for your furniture, packages, consumer goods, food containers and entire tank.

Santo Domingo Shipping will not incur any costs later. Our price is also contains the import duties on products entering the Dominican Republic.

We think of you and to our security. Our employees have the VCA certificate which guarantees safe operation and safe handling of your goods. Click on the logo for more information vca.

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